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About Scasa

Our goal is to advance the development of 3D real estate scanning technologies and to facilitate their usage to a wide range of customers. On the one hand, we utilize our highly precise laser scanning technology. On the other hand, we develop an intuitive, smartphone-based reconstruction as fast and cheap alternative for the creation of 3D models. In addition to the acquisition of data, our software also allows for a playful interaction with the virtual world and is available for all major platforms.

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Creating detailed 3D models of real estate sounds like a daunting task. This is certainly true from a technical point of view. Our primary goal is to allow anyone to perform 3D scanning in an easy and intuitive way. Using our scientific background in high-precision laser-scanning, we developed automatic methods to process the scanned input data and to realistically visualize the resulting 3D models. We use this technological advantage to create inexpensive solutions for 3D scanning, that anyone can use and understand.

In the following we present some results, showcasing the capabilities of our algorithms.

PointsFinal model

Our innovative rendering engine expands 3D points to small surface elements and projects real photos onto them. By this, the observer gets the visual impression of a photo-realistic, continuous surface, even though the underlying 3D model is still a point cloud.


A laserscanner can be equipped with SLR cameras which produce crystal clear images. However, when using such images to colorize a 3D model, they need to precisely project onto the visible surface in order to avoid ghosting and blur artifacts. Our technology automatically re-calibrates this projection to produce sharp textures.


Each photo used to texture the 3D model captures the light situation specific to a particular view. Therefore, the colorized 3D model is overloaded by many view-dependent lighting effects, like glossy reflections, resulting in an unnatural and chaotic visual impression. Our technology automatically removes such reflections from the images.


Point-based models contain large amounts of data and need powerfull hardware to be visualized. In order to show such models on mobile devices and in web-applications, our technology creates compact polygonal models and efficiently compresses the whole image data.

We are prepared for all platforms

Our extensive framework offers high flexibility to produce customized programs, apps and web-applications for customers with very distinct requirements. We support all common desktop-systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), operation systems for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS) was well as HTML5 for browser-based applications (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

Meet our team

We are a team of ambitious researchers in the fields of computer vision and computer graphic. For years, we are performing industrially relevant research and development in the areas of geometry processing, machine learning, 3D reconstruction and virtual reality. In mid 2016 we decided to advance our ideas and projects jointly in order to realize them for our clients.

In January 2017 our team was awarded with the EXIST scholarship for founders – a perfect start for our company.

Dr. Markus Mathias
Dr. Markus MathiasCo-Founder
Dr. Dominik Sibbing
Dr. Dominik SibbingCo-Founder
Dr. Lars Krecklau
Dr. Lars KrecklauCo-Founder
Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt
Prof. Dr. Leif KobbeltCo-Founder



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