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Create 3D models in a snap

PinPoint is a specialized 3D software for point clouds, streamlining building modeling with its intuitive interface, edge and corner snapping, and efficient analysis capabilities. It facilitates the derivation of geometry even in occluded or missing areas, ensuring a fast reconstruction of the fundamental architecture. Additionally, users can easily add semantically meaningful objects like windows and doors, automatically generating precise floor plans with measurement reports.


Create your own 3D immersions

InSite is an online viewer for virtual tours, empowering you to deliver a distinctive and captivating customer experiences, establishing your presence in the 3D digital world. Capture your space in 3D and present your brand in an interactive and authentic fashion which engages visitors and enhances your reputation. Give a unique opportunity to advertise your showcase premises, stores, campuses wherein everything you have to offer comes to light.


Tax compliant living space calculation

With SKP, you can fully focus on your real estate projects without having to worry about time-consuming surveys. Thanks to state-of-the-art hardware and the use of PinPoint technology, measurements are fast and precise. Not only do you save time on data evaluation, but you can also rest assured that all information has been verified by a certified expert. Furthermore, SKP assumes full liability for all surveying tasks such that you can relieve yourself from unnecessary burdens.


Augmented interactive city

Together with Late Night Concepts, a 3D scan of downtown Lünen was conducted, and with the use of PinPoint and InSite, the capture was transformed into an extensive digital experience. Digital visitors can navigate through the city center to get an overview of its shops. Each retailer has the opportunity to have their storefront digitized as well, such that everybody can visit the stores at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. This grants the retailer a significantly higher level of presence than ever before.


Virtual exhibitions

The Corona crisis posed a challenge for live event organizers, including Stage Two, Europe's largest competition for the best startups spinning out of leading universities. Financially supported by Siemens, a custom digital solution based on InSite was created, allowing over 1000 additional online attendees alongside the limited on-site audience. Competitors had digital booths integrated into the virtual replica of the physical venue, and live streams ensured virtual attendees didn't miss essential content.


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Co-Founder & CTO
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Co-Founder & Product Owner
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Co-Founder & Scientific Adivsor
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