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With ExPose, you can create and manage a complete exposition by supporting exhibitors to set up their virtual booths and allowing visitors to experience it from any part of the world. Capture your arena in 3D and divide the space into booth spaces of various dimensions for your customers, giving them a unique opportunity to advertise their brands, products and solutions to the world. Let the visitors feel immersed in this unique experience by navigating through the entire virtual arena and connecting with relevant stakeholders, both through interactive live chat and live streaming options.


Create a walkthrough experience with guided instructions

Showcase the basic tour with a clean, textured 3D model and perfectly aligned 360° panoramic images of your physical space. Furthermore, set up virtual booth models of various dimensions as required by your exhibitors.


Use smart navigation features to allow an easy steer through

Better manage your walkthrough using the interactive map with exhibitor index that helps your visitors to find different booths, products and sections at ease. Directly reveal specific information to the visitors and capture their attention through live streaming.


Streamline the 'meet & greet' process for exhibitors and visitors

Give an opportunity to visitors to virtually connect with the exhibitors and engage in interesting conversations with the help of live video chat available at each virtual booth. Also, they will be able to select from a grid of interesting connections and schedule meetings to network with relevant people for their businesses.


Arrange exhibitors and let them present themselves

Setup customized and aesthetic booth models for your exhibitors using our library of standard booth models with options to add various media content to it such as videos, documents, business cards, flyers etc and always have complete control over the entire setup by options to view the big picture arrangement of different booth models for all exhibitors.


Add corporate themes & secure your tour by authentication

Add your exhibitors' corporate look and feel by placing their brand logos in the loading screen and by choosing a custom color scheme that goes hand in hand with their brand guidelines as part of the booth model design


Draw advanced insights from your tour

Define and track KPIs to be monitored, whether it's around new visitors or enhanced traffic on the website. Learn more about your customer's experience as part of the insights generated from their feedback received.


Embed the tour into your digital channels

Embed the model within the website and share it across social media channels. Integrate the model as part of the ongoing marketing efforts and leverage SEO to increase traffic on websites and other digital channels. Furthermore, each exhibitor has a chance to receive their own SEO link and market their specific booth model, increasing their brand awareness and presence.


Stage Two

Live Streaming
Live stream events such as panel discussions, expert interviews and much more to connect your audiences from around the globe and offer them an immersive booth experience.
Virtual Booths
Offer virtual booth setup to your customers wherein they can not just display their showcases but also host a lot of media and content to market their brand to audiences.
Custom Color Scheme
Design your virtual booth using your own corporate guidelines and leverage the color scheming of your choice.


Bau Startup Forum Rheinland

Live Video Chat
Give your customers a unique opportunity to connect with visitors attending the event virtually on a one to one basis using our video chat feature.
Overview Panels
Leverage the overview panel to not just host various media such as videos, downloadable marketing collateral but also to showcase the most promising features of your products.
Search & Fly-to
Directly reveal specific information about your products using our search & fly-to feature which takes the user directly to the point he/she has searched for.


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